News & Announcements!

Changes coming in 2023:
All sales will be CASHLESS beginning January 2023.
Our depot register and self-service ticket kiosk will accept credit cards, debit cards, and contactless payments only.
The self-service kiosk is for ride tickets only (snacks, drinks, souveniers, and tickets can still be purchased from the depot attendant)
Ticket prices will increase to cover higher utility and labor expenses.
Sales tax will be added to item pricing (vs. included in the item price) at checkout.
A transaction processing fee will be included in the total transaction.
The Railroad is getting a new train!
That's right! We just renewed our contract with Williamson County so we are building a whole new electric train for the Cedar Rock Railroad! It will consist of a beautiful new 24-inch gauge electric locomotive pulling 3 new covered coaches with enough room for 3 to sit comfortably in each seat and also for those in wheelchairs or scooters to board directly onto the train. It will be quiet, smooth, and stunning and just like our current train... will have no smelly, toxic exhaust. See a peek of what the new train will look like here.
We will also be building a fabulous new route for the railroad when we rebuild the current 16-inch gauge tracks to the new 24-inch gauge that will wander through the natural areas of the park that you don't normally get to see. So that means you'll experience more of the beautiful wonders of the natural wildlife and scenery of the park instead of open sports fields and neighborhood houses. Y'all are gonna love it.
The train is currrently in fabrication and we have already begun ground-work for the new track layout. But in order to install the new track and loading platform, we will need to CLOSE the railroad at the end of 2023 for about 3 months. We will provide more details as we get closer to our actual shutdown dates so be sure to check here throughout the year for updates.
During the shutdown, we will also be upgrading the playscape and adding a new play area for active kiddos to burn off all that kid-energy, so you can relax longer in one place.
So although price increases are never fun, please know we are putting it all to good use to build a better experience for all of the wonderful familes that come out to enjoy our little venue. We want you to keep having fun, creating memories, coming back, and telling all your friends what fun there is right here in The Best Backyard in Texas!
Mini-Golf to open Summer 2023!
We know it's been a long time coming but we will finally get our miniature golf course completed and ready to play this summer. Stay tuned for progress updates and more detail.
The Crank Cars are coming back!
We know you have missed them so get those arms ready to spin. We are working on some minor refurbishment to get them all running in top shape. We will likely have limited hours/days when they are available because of higher labor costs but we will be sure you are kept informed of the big return!
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