The Owners

Ken and Holly are the hands and heart behind all this
foolishness. You could say Ken is the brawn and Holly is the
brains, but truth be told, Holly is a very strong little girl!

By doing all of this, Ken gets to do what he loves, and Holly
gets to have a happy husband, which apparently makes her
happy, even if there are moments along the way where she
endures as a "train widow" while the railroad gets built, rebuilt,
repaired, or expanded.

You're likely to see Ken driving Sophie, and on a few weekend
days, you might see Holly at the depot greeting customers and
making sure everyone is having a great time.

Michael is familiar to many of you who have been out to ride
Sophie over the last 5 years. He is the nicest man you will ever
meet and as an active stage/screen actor, he has many stories
to tell. Some of them true!

Come by the depot and ask him to read your mind or tell you a
tale about ol' Sam Bass.