The Cedar Rock Railroad
The Little Locomotive Chase
Imagine RR Playscape
Old Town Pflooterville
The Shady Oak Junction Depot
The train departs every 30 minutes at :15 and :45 after each hour

Tickets are $2.75 for everyone 1 year or older (kids under 1 are free)
For kids age 3 and older (up to 100 lbs)

Runs while the train is in the station

Tickets are $2.50 per person per chase
A unique play area for the youngest kids and toddlers to imagine they're driving a train and carrying passengers.
A great place for little gunslingers to pretend they're chasing bad guys or running the railroad.
Buy your tickets and train souvenirs, or get a tasty snack and ice cold drink to enjoy in the cool shade of the Shady Oaks.
Three large groups of picnic tables to sit and enjoy something to eat or drink, or simply have fun in the midst of the amusement.

Pads are also available to reserve for parties.
Picnic Pads